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what parts do you keep on hand for your Broom Bear

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We have our first Broom Bear. Its a 2006. What parts do you keep on hand for it? Bearings? Switches? etc.

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Guest Pacific Sweeping

Ours is a 2006 as well!

Here is what you would find on my shelf:

-elevator shaft/rear broom shaft bearings

-rear broom motor/elevator motor chain half links

-spare hydraulic motors

-2 spare air regulators

-rear broom springs

-gutter broom arm assembly bushing kits / rear broom trailing arm bushings

-poly elevator sprockets

-spray water pump

-2 spare hydraulic block 12vdc coils

-2 spare switches of each style (these switches last at least double the life of Tymco switches FYI and I have thrown a couple in our Tymcos, they fit but are a little loose...this might be the alternative solution to buying Tymco switches at $55 per switch)

-rear elevator drape curtain (make them out of 435/600 puh rubbers instead of using the thin one that the factory recommends)


If i think of anything else i will chime in but mostly this is what i stock for them. 

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