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2018 Peterbilt P348

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Has any body had issues with battery's going dead during the slow season? we ended up installing kill switches to turn the battery's off while they are not being used. I have heard these trucks are sensitive when adding after market items on sucks as lights, cameras, or CB's. Everything appears to be wired in and added correctly. just curious if anyone else has experienced  the same issues with these model Peterbilts. 

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I know that most any newer vehicle will always have a draw from the computers. I also know that some manufactures have a dedicated location for add on electronics. Adding them to an existing circuit can cause electrical gremlins. We have run into that issue where the change in voltage caused a check engine light. It was not a perterbuilt, but a freightliner. 

Use a DVOM and see what the draw is when you think everything is off. Secondly a trickle charger can help keep the batteries alive.

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