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Pacific Sweeping

A/C Machines

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What machines are you running? I have the RobinAir Cooltech 34288 and it works perfect for recovery, vacuum, and charge.

We start jumping on our A/C systems NOW so we don't have to drop everything we are doing in summer to focus on all the a/c systems.

Do any of you make your hoses in house or do you have them made or order them from dealership?

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We have a Master cool Commander 1000.i t does recovery, vacuum and charge too. We are cycling every machine as quickly as we can to check a/c before summer hits (in a couple weeks)

One thing we also do in regards to a/c pre check, is some trucks allow access to the evaporator. They get covered and loose air flow. We try and flush the m every 30 days. Also we take the time to hose off/lush the outside on the condenser. They get a dirt mist on them and then loose efficiency. 

We do not make our hoses, we use a local shop to do that.

we are constantly fighting a/c. when the temp is over 100, and the truck is moving slow sweeping. lots o luck. no window tint and the driver is a bug under glass.

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