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Guest Pacific Sweeping

Shared experience- 2008 Maxxforce 7 lost fuel prime

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Guest Pacific Sweeping

Just wanted to share an experience that I encountered on Wednesday. I drove 200 miles up to our farthest location from our main hub to diagnose a problem my best tech couldn't even figure out.

How it all began:  The operator had taken the Tymco 600 to a truck wash, and proceeded to wash the sweeper, cab, and engine bay. Right after the complete wash, the truck died, blew a fuse, and the operator continued to crank and crank. He ended up frying the starter. Mechanic went up and diagnosed the bad starter, replaced it, checked for codes with software and found none at all, and couldnt figure out why it would start back up. So, no codes, had oil pressure, had equal relative compression, ran injector test, standard KOEO tests, EGR and VGT tests....nothing to be found.. 

ready for this? 

.....engine lost its fuel prime coincidentally... The story of washing the truck lead us down the wrong road of diag.

End result/solution: I went over to the hand fuel primer pump on rhs valve cover, primed it, cranked it right over and it ran perfectly! 

bottom line on my lesson learned: DONT OVERTHINK THE BASICS!!!!!! 

I hope this finds someone in the same situation, cover your basic bases before digging too deep!


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