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  1. Retired 12 year old shop dog . Living the good life hanging at home...
  2. We have figured out that running the chains looser on the bottom elevator sprockets like a 2-3” gap hanging down it almost doubles the life of the elevator chains. The center sprocket/tensioner keeps them from rubbing chain to chain. We are getting almost 3 full seasons out of the chains and sprockets. This is on S-4 and S-4 XL both. 2007-2016 so far models
  3. Does anyone else have problems with the hydraulic blocks vibrating loose after a month or 2 ? We have had it happen to our A-7000s , A-8000s, and our New Twister. Thinking they almost need to be rubber mounted ? Has anyone else had these do this ?? So far we re mounted them with grade 8 bolts and steel lockers .... but not sure if it will be long term ??