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  1. I'm in contact with a company who custom cuts flap kits for sweepers and plows . he now offers the raptor 2 kit for under half price at nitehawk kits are drilled and cut ready to install with a better curtsey curtain that don't degrade as easily .. fabric backed rubber very good sets i have installed serval on our units . its not rubbercal
  2. is there anyone active on this forum
  3. is there anyone active on this forum anymore

  4. will

    Gutter broom time

    depending on the broom 2 section on our raptors or the 4 section on timco 210 . i always use new bolts it takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 35 minutes
  5. will


    MiG and stick is a must in any shop with a good torch rig … its not tight if its liquid lol
  6. will

    cab top markers

    gm part# 98005247 , 98005246 , 97587598 I am looking for a cheaper alternative that will bolt up with minor fab. I am trying to fab up a different style of marker but im having clearance issues. mount studs on cab
  7. if any other companies need a great deal on quality curtain sets i know a company that will custom cut your set for a lot less than original company sets and better quality than rubber cal sets 

  8. hyd sys repairs