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    Something we waited to long for, a welder. If you don't have one, add to your wish list
  2. Agua1

    435 times

    Lets get an idea of how long common jobs take to do for the average mechanic.
  3. Agua1

    19.5 Wheels for NQR

    Other than wrecking yards or Isuzu, anyone have a line on wheels for the 19.5 x 6 wheels?
  4. We have our first Broom Bear. Its a 2006. What parts do you keep on hand for it? Bearings? Switches? etc.
  5. Agua1


    Being in Arizona we fight overheating all the time. We flush out the radiators on a monthly basis. Only using low flow, no pressure so we do not damage the fins. For what its worth, same goes for the a/c condensers.
  6. Agua1

    Sweeper curtains

    We use our book time of 4 hours. That is R&R head, change curtains and adjust. I do not think we ever beat 3 because something is always bent
  7. Agua1

    Getting longer elevator chain life.....

    do you think this would be the same for other manufactures? Can you show a photo?
  8. Agua1

    A7000 blower bearing tips

    I was given one tip at the 1-800 mid year meeting that I thought I would share. Change the shaft. for one you may not get the bearing off without damage, and Tip two was that my year machine 2006, has a choice of two different lengths.
  9. Agua1

    A7000 blower bearing tips

    We need to change our blower shaft bearings, blower wheel and liner. We have never done it before any tips? It looks dam heavy and we would like to do it the best way.
  10. Agua1

    Broom Badger

    Depending on the part, Matt Voss had mentioned a place called General industrial. For Broom Bear parts, some may cross
  11. Agua1

    Tymco 435 blower brg times

    What kind of time do you have for blower bearing replace. We have 2.0 for outer, 4.0 inner and 7.0 for both
  12. Agua1

    Gutter broom time

    what time could we establish for R&R of gutter brooms? we use 0.5 and it doesn't include adjustment. It includes getting them, putting them on and discarding old
  13. Agua1

    Pre Release

    To all of you that have been invited to the pre launch of the mechanic forum. We need your help getting it moving. We need content. Tec Tips, short cuts, etc. At the conference I must have heard 10 or more such repairs. Please start some topics for things you have already solved but you think others can gain from. You know, that repair that took days to solve and turned out simple. Tell us what the original problem was, how you found it and what repaired it. Please put the problem or complaint in the topic for future search. Include photos if you can. Make sure you set your self up to receive notification when others post on forums for your type equipment. We can make this a valuable tool with your help and in turn it will help you
  14. Agua1

    Duel steer blows fuse

    Here you go. The part came from Freightliner. After changing it, the problem has not returned.
  15. Agua1

    Duel steer blows fuse

    I was unsure if I should put this under Schwartz or Sterling. Because I understand that the wiring and duel steer set up was done at sterling. Two problems, the add on wires are all yellow! makes tracing difficult. Second the problem is intermittent. The problem is that when switching from Left to right, all works, when switching from right to left it may work or it may blow the fuse. The component that doesn't work is the steering. It looses all power assist. Are there any common problems that others have had that give us a starting place? We are in the process of acquiring a wiring diagram from Freightliner this is on a 2006 Sterling cab over SC8000 / Schwartze A7000
  16. Agua1

    Broom Bear will not increase RPM

    I wanted to give you an update as to what the problem was. The freightliner dealer that said it was never connected was wrong. I guess they just wanted it to go away. with help from our Elgin dealer, we took it to another frightliner dealer and they found bad connectors at the TCU (the ones that supposedly were not there. After replacing them, still did not work. They asked if we could bring in another sweeper to compare but we only have the one, so that was not happening Supposedly the PTO switch sends signal to the Transmission control unit (TCU) and that sends to the engine control unit (ECU). My tec remembered that the cruise control did not work and it occurred that that too was controlled by the ECU. So we had them check something they were more familiar with and what do you know, the perimeters on the ECU were wrong. Fix the cruise and the PTO works. We had them print us out the parameters for the ECU
  17. Agua1

    Broom Bear will not increase RPM

    We have our first Broom Bear. a 2006 with Freightliner chassis and a cat engine. According to the owners manual when you engage the PTO, the engine is supposed to raise to 950 RPM. It doesn't. All components engage with the PTO switch, brooms, hopper etc. Any ideas?
  18. Agua1

    2018 Peterbilt P348

    I know that most any newer vehicle will always have a draw from the computers. I also know that some manufactures have a dedicated location for add on electronics. Adding them to an existing circuit can cause electrical gremlins. We have run into that issue where the change in voltage caused a check engine light. It was not a perterbuilt, but a freightliner. Use a DVOM and see what the draw is when you think everything is off. Secondly a trickle charger can help keep the batteries alive.
  19. Agua1

    Duel steer blows fuse

    OK here is where we are now at on this one. There is a control valve that operates the power steering pressure to the left or right gear box. It has electric solenoids on each end. A resistance test revealed that one solenoid has more than the other. So we are now trying to track down the parts.
  20. Agua1

    Heavy lift option

    A couple of us have talked about cranes for heavy lifting. So the other day, I am out shopping for a water truck. And I see them using a Telehandler to R&R a water tank. I never thought about it, but for the few times we need heavy lifting, this makes a good option. Besides, you can rent them
  21. Agua1

    Tymco Switches

    I wish I did. So far still buying TYMCO.
  22. Agua1

    A/C Machines

    We have a Master cool Commander 1000.i t does recovery, vacuum and charge too. We are cycling every machine as quickly as we can to check a/c before summer hits (in a couple weeks) One thing we also do in regards to a/c pre check, is some trucks allow access to the evaporator. They get covered and loose air flow. We try and flush the m every 30 days. Also we take the time to hose off/lush the outside on the condenser. They get a dirt mist on them and then loose efficiency. We do not make our hoses, we use a local shop to do that. we are constantly fighting a/c. when the temp is over 100, and the truck is moving slow sweeping. lots o luck. no window tint and the driver is a bug under glass.
  23. Agua1

    Thinking about a crane

    I want to add a crane to our service truck. Mostly for picking up tire wheel combinations, or other heavy stuff to swing into the truck bed. Any recommendations?
  24. This past weekend, I took my Shelby to Spring Mountain Track in Nevada with Team Shelby. I wore out brakes and tires. We had some neat stuff there like a new Ford GT owned by the guy that designed the 2005 for GT. It got some track time. And Ford brought a 2020 Shelby GT500! One of 4 currently in existence. We had one on one time with it.
  25. Agua1

    Broom Bear will not increase RPM

    Our saga continues. The friehtliner dealer says that the pins on the ECU where is should get this signal has nothing plugged into it. They did not know where to plug into it on the Elgin side. After talking to the tec, it was decided to take the truck away from the dealership. Seems like I would be paying a premium for them to learn. It is not at the Elgin dealer. They are getting information from the company in Chicago that modified the Freightliner before going to Elgin (so I am told). Unfortunately this is our one and only Broom Bear so we do not have a second to compare to.