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    A7000 sweeper broom lowering

    You could try and swap cylinder from one side to other and same with check valves. i know you mentioned you replaced them, you didn’t mention year, I’m not super familiar with the a7 but the older ones had same setup as the m5000, aluminum block above arm pull check ball valve and make sure it doesn’t have crap holding it open. Only other thing I can think is the actual block above broom arm has a crack, or you have power back feeding to locking valve
  2. Gary Air Sweep

    FC-80 Cab Parts

    My local dealer has window reg in warehouse just ordered one for right side $229 sterling sc8000
  3. Gary Air Sweep

    Yanmar rear engine starter

    Anyone out there that runs a Yanmar engine on a gale force setup. I have encountered about every six months the starter decide to start grinding and it takes a few times to engage. What I have found out is the starter clutch assembly goes bad probably from trying to spin the giant impeller rather than buy a cheap starter or a very expensive Yanmar I have sourced the actual clutch assembly locally for $30 I can get my starter back up functioning fine
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    To take it one step further, on the pricey side but, Miller makes airpak combo gas drive welder generator units with built in screw compressor. it saves a ton of room. With over 30cfm at 150psi it’s enough air to run anything short of a jackhammer. Great for a 1” gun for that 2am tire change