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  1. Pacific Sweeping

    Cat Water Pump vs Electric Water Pump heat issue

    wow, great to know! Thanks for sharing Mark
  2. Pacific Sweeping


    awesome, thanks Gary!
  3. Pacific Sweeping

    Blue Logic System

    Well, after 2 trips to the dealer they found that 2 of the Blue Logic VMM connector pins expanded. we are not sure if someone tried to sabotage us by doing this or if an employee was in there messing around, so we put a lock on the Blue Logic VMM plastic cover so nobody can get in there. Just wanted to share what our solution was for this problem, it haunted us for over a month so i finally sent it to the dealer and they found it. Might be worth it to lock your operators out of control boxes so they cant mess with anything they shouldnt be putting their hands on.
  4. Pacific Sweeping

    Cat Water Pump - reduced pressure?

    check your relief valve and see if it failed and is pumping all water back to tank
  5. Pacific Sweeping

    Blue Logic System

    Hey everyone! We have a 2017 Tymco 600 BAH with the new Blue Logic system that is giving us some operational issues. We start the aux engine up and go to hit any of the hydraulic switches and they turn red, and nothing operates. In the past I have found that the GB lock valve coils and a short in the wiring to the coils has caused this problem. Any ideas or has anyone ran into this yet??
  6. Pacific Sweeping


    Did you go with a welder/generator combo? MIG or ARC setup?
  7. Pacific Sweeping

    19.5 Wheels for NQR

    Toms Truck Center in CA sells new/used wheels, and I'm sure they would ship to you
  8. Pacific Sweeping

    what parts do you keep on hand for your Broom Bear

    Ours is a 2006 as well! Here is what you would find on my shelf: -elevator shaft/rear broom shaft bearings -rear broom motor/elevator motor chain half links -spare hydraulic motors -2 spare air regulators -rear broom springs -gutter broom arm assembly bushing kits / rear broom trailing arm bushings -poly elevator sprockets -spray water pump -2 spare hydraulic block 12vdc coils -2 spare switches of each style (these switches last at least double the life of Tymco switches FYI and I have thrown a couple in our Tymcos, they fit but are a little loose...this might be the alternative solution to buying Tymco switches at $55 per switch) -rear elevator drape curtain (make them out of 435/600 puh rubbers instead of using the thin one that the factory recommends) If i think of anything else i will chime in but mostly this is what i stock for them.
  9. Pacific Sweeping

    Tymco Switches

    Hey Scott, How about the Tymco shutdown module switches -oil pressure switch -coolant level probes -oil pressure sending unit -coolant temp switch -low coolant switch Do you have an aftermarket source for any of these that work on this shutdown system?
  10. Pacific Sweeping

    2018 Peterbilt P348

    we trickle charge the ones that we know are going to be sitting for a while and it works for us!
  11. Pacific Sweeping

    Tymco 600 - Broom Assist Head Issue

    We once encountered the BAH system was actually relieving back to tank before the BAH pivot cylinders saw enough pressure to extend for the correct amount of down pressure. We adjusted the BAH cartridge valve and they started extending normally again. They are set at the factory, but when one fails you must double check pressures after replacing, the cartridge valve pressure should range between 165-185 psi
  12. Pacific Sweeping

    Duel steer blows fuse

    post a photo of the solenoid
  13. Pacific Sweeping

    A/C Machines

    What machines are you running? I have the RobinAir Cooltech 34288 and it works perfect for recovery, vacuum, and charge. We start jumping on our A/C systems NOW so we don't have to drop everything we are doing in summer to focus on all the a/c systems. Do any of you make your hoses in house or do you have them made or order them from dealership?
  14. Pacific Sweeping

    Duel steer blows fuse

    I have not encountered this. But, on our Freightliner FC80 Tymco 600 (same as SC8000) I have encountered RPMs raising on their own when you switch from LHS to RHS, ended up being the TPS on pedal assembly being off by a few %
  15. Pacific Sweeping

    435 times

    I'll time it next time to be sure, maybe I am underestimating the job! I have been doing the heavy duty tubes since 2008 so I have a system down for them. Time for a GoPro time-lapse!