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  1. Has anyone had issues with the rear brooms on there xbroom? the bristles on ours are getting torn up. Also what size cores for your brooms are you using? We are running a 60inch cable wrap. we have made sure the wings are in there proper place as I know if they are not they can eat a broom up as well. thank you Christy
  2. CVS

    Questions or Comments

    Issues with gutter broom cylinders failing on XBrooms, we have switched from the shorter style cylinder to the longer style cylinder this cylinder seems to be holding up better. we also carry spare cylinders and airbag in are trucks just as a fail safe. I have attached the cylinder we are currently using. https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/search/search?fctype=adc.falcon.search.SearchFormCtrl&cmd=Search&searchquery=C32035D&categoryId=0&TxnNumber=-1&searchqty=10
  3. CVS

    2018 Peterbilt P348

    Has any body had issues with battery's going dead during the slow season? we ended up installing kill switches to turn the battery's off while they are not being used. I have heard these trucks are sensitive when adding after market items on sucks as lights, cameras, or CB's. Everything appears to be wired in and added correctly. just curious if anyone else has experienced the same issues with these model Peterbilts.