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  1. Resq

    A7000 sweeper broom lowering

    We are having a continual issue with one broom lowering by itself, even in travel. We have changed the check valves and cylinders and it continues to be an issue. Any suggestions?
  2. we had an issue on our Tymco 435 sweeper we bought used. It would only run for 150 miles on a fuel tank of fuel. The tank was bent up like it had been in an accident. Pulled the fuel outlet out to check for foreign material or plugged pipe. We replaced the tank, same problem, checked all lines and filters, no good. On the fuel filler spout, in the front, was a small breather/air filter. Took it off and inspected, plugged solid. The fuel pump on the motor had so much power it actually sucked all sides of the tank in. Once cleaned and reinstalled, truck runs great and we get the mileage from a fuel tank of fuel.
  3. Resq

    Dust suppression system

    Dose anyone else have problems with the dust suppression system not turning off?